Richest Man in the World

Carlos Slim, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett top Forbes's most rich list

1,210: Number of billionaires in the world

199: New billionaires this year

$4.5 trillion: Total amount of wealth owned by those 1,210

$1.5 trillion: Total amount of wealth owned by U.S. billionaires

$74 trillion: Total GDP of the world

1: Billionaires in Finland (Antti Herlin, an elevator and escalator maker)

115: Billionaires in China

413: Billionaires in the U.S.

$74 billion: Total wealth of Carlos Slim, richest man in the world, Mexican telecom mogul and stakeholder in the New York Times

$56 billion: Total wealth of Bill Gates, second-richest man in the world, Harvard dropout and Microsoft founder

$88 billion: Amount of money Bill Gates would have had if he had not given away billions to charity, (according to Reuters)

$78 billion: The GDP of Croatia

See the full list of people richer than you here.

And, as per reader GaryD3's request, see the full list of people happier than you here.

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